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A Business Tycoon To Take Over Wa All Stars AFTER Nynantekyi’s Banned

A Business tycoon by name Alhaji Toffiq Mohammed has raised concern on his interest in buying former President of Ghana Football Association, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi team Wa All Stars.

The Business man believed to have worked abroad for number of years and a car dealer has expressed all kind of seriousness towards the purchasing of Wa All Stars.

The Owner of Wa All Stars and a former Ghana Football Association president haven been banned from all football activities and been fined CHF 500,000 means he will no longer be part of the football family including managing his own team, Wa All Stars.

Mr. Taufiq believes this is the right moment for him to pump money into football in order to ensure better raising and transfer of players.

Speaking to Agyenkwa 101.9 FM in Kumasi, Mr. Taufiq said he started to develope enthusiasm from the purchase of Karela United after the demise of their owner David Brigidi before Nyantakyi’s issue came into being. ”When i came to Ghana, i heard the news that Kwesi Nyantakyi has been banned by FIFA and for that, i decided to buy his club in order to help me raise and transfer players. Aside being a business man who deal in cars in Europe, i also have a strong passion for football. Initially i wanted to buy Karela and I’ve met the management reached at the apex and they will now come to conclude as to whether to sell the club to me or not. But for now, I’m interested in the Wa All Stars team. Nyantakyi should name his price and i will buy the club only if i can afford the price”.

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