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Black Stars coach, Kwasi Appiah has named André Ayew as the permanent captain of the team.

This follows a meeting with the top brass of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalization Committee (NC) after which approval and full backing was granted to the plans of the coach.

Ayew replaces Asamoah Gyan, as captain of the Black Stars.

Gyan, who has captained the Black Stars for a record seven years has been elevated to the position of “General Captain”.

Subsequently, Kwadwo Asamoah has been named the deputy captain.

President of the GFA-NC Dr Kofi Amoah has called on all stakeholders and citizens to support the transition whilst the Black Stars prepare their assault and conquest of Africa at AFCON 2019.


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Ever since news broke that Robert Pattinson may be DC’s new movie Batman, the internet has been aflame with opinions. While the former Twilight actor has had many people defending the decision, it’s safe to say the rumored casting has been very polarizing. Sure, Pattinson has done some great things outside of the films he’s commonly known for, but is he really Batman material?

After its attempts to replicate what Marvel is doing with the MCU more or less failed, DC has been more focused on creating entertaining standalone movies and have put on less emphasis on making sure they’re all a part of a connected universe. While there are downsides and have been some casualties because of this decision, the result has been a more creative and free cinematic universe

Want to reboot Suicide Squad but still keep Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn? Not a problem. Want to fix up Jason Momoa’s character after his initial appearance in Justice League? No problemo. Hell, you can even make a Joker origin movie that’s disconnected entirely from the Joker seen only a few years back in Suicide Squad! It sounds like chaos, but really it’s similar to what comics have always done.

That is to say DC is throwing a lot of concepts at a dartboard and going with what sticks. The beauty in this process is that it’s a win-win for fans, particularly those who doubt Robert Pattinson’s abilities as Batman. If he flops, then there’s plenty of precedent that DC will drop him and try to take another shot at a Batman movie with another actor down the road, or he’ll surprise skeptics and the formerly angry will be happy.


Robert Pattinson May Be The Perfect Batman For The Batman

Is Robert Pattinson different than past actors that have donned the cowl and cape? That depends on who you ask, but I think many would agree that Pattinson’s public perception is different than other actors who have played the role. He’s not a name the mainstream would associate with action movies, nor is he necessarily on a short list of actors one would describe as a “badass.”

To be fair to Robert Pattinson, neither is another actor who’s allegedly in contention for the role, Nicholas Hoult. Hoult’s cred for the role of Batman is marginally better in that he’s been in X-Men, but both are far more known for their works outside the world of superheroes and action movies. Put simply, it appears physicality will be a part of The Batman, but it doesn’t appear to be the main thing Matt Reeves and crew are looking for.

We do know that Matt Reeves’ vision for The Batman is a noir-driven story that focuses more on the detective abilities of Batman, and while there will almost certainly be some action, it appears the analytical side of Batman will take center stage. Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult may not be the most obvious choices for Batman to some, but that could be because this won’t be the typical Batman movie everyone is used to.


DC Could Have More Than One Batman At The Same Time

Now, is it possible Robert Pattinson could continue to be a polarizing Batman even after one film? Sure, but if there are enough people on board and the box office numbers are in The Batman‘s favor, there’s a good chance the young actor could get another film or two to further line the pockets of producers.

With that being said, is there a rule that there can only be one Batman in cinema at one time? It’s never been done, but it’s looking like there wil be at least two Bruce Wayne’s co-existing provided The Batman doesn’t have some yet-to-be-discovered tie-in to Joker. Provided both films are successful and have sequels, DC could potentially have two Batmen co-existing in two different eras.

It’s not a novel concept, and while DC has typically been pretty protective of how many versions of its heroes are used throughout its media, that stance has seemingly been relaxed quite a bit as of late. In fact, this Batman may co-exist alongside Lego Batman and Titansincoming Batman played by Iain Glen. Whether it happens with Joker or some other way, don’t be surprised if DC doesn’t try for another live-action Batman to share the stage with Robert Pattinson in his own set of movies.

The bottom line is this is the ideal time for DC to take a risk with an actor that the world may be iffy on as Batman, and those upset shouldn’t be that worried considering the current era of DC movies. Whether the new Batman is Robert Pattinson or anyone else, let’s always remember that the most unlikely of actors can deliver the best performances, and that DC is often quick to pivot when a plan doesn’t come together.









The Court of Arbitration for Sport has dismissed Caster Semenya’s appeal over IAAF testosterone regulations.

The regulations will force athletes with naturally-occurring high levels of testosterone to take medication to lower them, if they want to continue competing.

Semenya, a two-time Olympic 800m champion, and Athletics South Africa had claimed the rules were unlawful, but their appeal has been rejected by the CAS

The 28-year-old has one of the various genetic conditions collectively known as differences or disorders of sex development (DSD).

CAS said in a statement on Wednesday: “By majority, the CAS panel has dismissed the requests for arbitration, considering that the claimants were unable to establish that the DSD regulations were ‘invalid’.

“The panel found that the DSD regulations are discriminatory, but the majority of the panel found that, on the basis of the evidence submitted by the parties, such discrimination is a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving the IAAF’s aim of preserving the integrity of female athletics in the restricted events.

Despite finding in favour of the IAAF, the CAS said its panel “expressed some serious concerns as to the future practical application” of the DSD regulations.

Semenya responded to the decision with a statement which said: “I know that the IAAF’s regulations have always targeted me specifically.

“For a decade the IAAF has tried to slow me down, but this has actually made me stronger.

“The decision of the CAS will not hold me back.

“I will once again rise above and continue to inspire young women and athletes in South Africa and around the world.”

Semenya is considering whether to appeal against the decision.

Semenya and other affected athletes hoping to compete at the World Championships in Doha in September will have to start taking medication to lower their testosterone level to below the required level within one week.

That decision is a concession by the IAAF, due to the length of time it has taken CAS to reach a verdict – but in future athletes will be required to have reduced their blood testosterone level to below the stipulated concentration for a period of six months before they can compete.

The proposed regulations will only concern athletes competing in events from the 400m to the mile.

Semenya, though, believes it is “irresponsible” for the IAAF to implement the regulations.

A statement issued on her behalf said she wants the governing body to “to commission a team of fully independent experts to produce an unbiased assessment of the need for and methods of regulation before implementing what she believes are harmful rules that will negatively impact the well-being of athletes around the world”.

It added that “her unique genetic gift should be celebrated, not regulated”.

Semenya has been the subject of scrutiny ever since she burst onto the scene at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, where she won the first of her three world titles.

Aged just 18, she achieved that feat despite the emotional strain caused by international media speculation about a gender verification test, following complaints from rivals about her muscular build.








Defunct Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee Member, Mr Kojo Yankah says the decision of the Disciplinary Committee to hand Berekum Chelsea a temporary stadium ban is wrong.

This comes after the bloody incident that occurred at Golden City Park when Chelsea played Asante Kotoko in match day eight of the competitions.

Irate Berekum Chelsea fans attacked the Policy Analyst of Asante Kotoko Amo Sarpong after he fired five warning shot in the midst of confusion between the two clubs.

According to the outspoken Western Region RFA chairman, the blame lies solely on  Dr.Sarpong, hence the stadium ban on Chelsea seems unjust.

“Banning Berekum Chelsea from playing on the Golden City Park is wrong because we know Dr.Amo Sarpong started it so Berekum Chelsea doesn’t deserve to be punished.

Berekum Chelsea can’t be blamed for anything that happened because the regulations of the GFA clearly state that the offender should be banned and we know in this case who is the offender and he has been punished too”







Eazzy, Ghanaian versatile singer who recently released a new top-charting EP titled “S.O.L.O” in an interview with Lexis Bill on the Behind The Fame segment via Joy FM made a huge revelation about whom she will never love to collaborate with.

Been asked by the host to reveal three artists she won’t have a collaboration with, she revealed she will love to ignore the question but if she is to answer then she has to think a little deeper.

Going through her head, she revealed she won’t love to ever collaborate with Patapaa based on his line of music as its wired although it fits him.

According to her, if he and Patapaa are supposed to be on the same song she will totally disgrace herself but if he is to change his line of music to suit her then collaboration will be possible.

Revealing the second artist, she revealed its Kuami Eugene as she will rather go in for Kidi as Kidi fits her line of music much better.

Eazzy on the 3rd of May, 2018 will officially outdoor her new song with Medikal which is called Away.





source: ghanaweb


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George Afriyie, former Vice President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is fully backing the Black Meteors to qualify for Tokyo 2020 and if possible win the Olympic Games Football Event.

The ex- Swedru All Blacks, Gt. Olympics and Okyeman Planners Director who led Ghana to the World Youth Championships in Turkey where the Black Satellites placed third said he wishes everything good for Ghana Football and wants the Black Stars and the Black Meteors to win laurels for the nation.

George Afriyie who has lived in Japan most of his life and has five brothers there said he would be very happy if the Meteors qualify for the next Olympic Games which is taking place in his second home.
According to the aspiring GFA president, every effort must be put in for the Olympic team to make it because they are the future stars.

He said the future of the game is with the youth and the young players must be made active and competitive.

Speaking on Metro TV with Michael Kofi Oduro, he expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the Normalisation Committee (NC) who have been appointed by FIFA to put Ghana Football in normal shape.

According to Afriyie, the NC did not work in the first six months and had to call for an increment in their term of office.

He noted that coming up with the Special Competition to keep football clubs and players active was in the right direction, while they tried to organize some international matches for the Black Queens, Black Stars, Meteors and a course for referees.

George Afriyie who is very hopeful of getting the nod as the next GFA president said the real reforms would be done when a new leader is elected, and he is prepared for the job to save the image of Ghana Football.

He was at the Draw for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt and believes Ghana always has the chance to become African champions.

“We are always among the favourites, we only need a bit of luck to lift the cup” he says.


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Do you or someone you know experience constant chronic pain? If your answer is “yes”, your best bet to help yourself (and them!) is to have a piece of dark chocolate.

Yes, really! Chocolate helps reduce pain and improve overall health. In fact, the health benefits of dark chocolate are so extensive that it is considered by many to be a superfood.

The benefits of chocolate come from the cacao bean. The higher the concentration of cacao in your chocolate, the more health benefits you get.

While there are many different types of chocolate, dark chocolate with a cacao content of 65 percent or more is best for reducing chronic pain.

Dark chocolate is superior to milk chocolate because it has more healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, fewer carbohydrates, less sugar, more fiber, higher levels of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Dark chocolate also has more flavonoids, which are nutrients found in plants that reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

Here are 4 unexpected health benefits of dark chocolate — aka healthy reasons to eat more of it

1. Your hormones increase

Chocolate increases the production of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. As a result, it decreases pain and lifts your mood.

It’s also the only known food source of ananamide, a natural cannabinoid that attaches to the body’s cannabis receptors, just like marijuana. This is another source of chocolate’s pain-relieving effects.

Chocolate also boosts the release of the body’s natural amphetamines, phenylethylamine, which increases energy.

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that acts as an antidepressant, is also boosed by eating chocolate. This may be why so many people reach for chocolate when they need a mood boost.

The heart benefits of chocolate are considerable. It helps restore the flexibility of the arteries as well as preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.

Eating chocolate has also been shown to reduce levels of ‘bad’ cholestrol and raise levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL).

As a result, it reduces atherosclerosis, a disease of plaque buildup inside arteries. Probably because of these effects, daily chocolate consumption has been linked to a lower risk of stroke.

3. Your brain also benefits

Chocolate is also good for the brain. A study at Harvard Medical School found that two cups of hot chocolate a day helped improve blood flow to essential parts of the brain.

 This indicates that chocolate could help in fighting diseases of progressive cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s.

4. It has benefits during pregnancy

If someone you love is expecting, there are health benefits to eating chocolate for both mom and baby.

A Finnish study found that pregnant women who ate chocolate had less stress and their babies smiled more than the babies of moms who didn’t eat chocolate.

So, with all these dark chocolate health benefits, what’s not to like?

Well, chocolate does have a lot of calories, about 150 per ounce, so moderation is key. The trick is to substitute it for less healthy treats.

 So the next time you’re looking for a dessert for yourself or a gift for someone you love, choose a nice box of dark chocolates.
You’ll get a tasty treat, plus some great health benefits and chronic pain relief, too!

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Kumasi Asante Kotoko’s poster boy, Songne Yacouba, has registered his protest against his hotel accommodation in Kumasi, urging the management of the club to provide him a befitting apartment.

According to Yacouba’s Manager, Jesse Jantuah, the Burkinabe import had been staying in Sports Hotel in Kumasi (a facility which belongs to the Executive Chairman of the club, Dr Kwame Kyei) ever since he joined the Porcupine Warriors, and that did not make it conducive for the player’s family, especially his wife and parents, who wanted to visit him.

Mr Jantuah told Kumasi-based radio station, Oyerepa FM, that the player had expressed his grievances to the management of Kotoko in a meeting and hoped that a solution would be reached soon.

“Sogne Yacouba has notified Kotoko management that he is unhappy and has explained to them why he doesn’t want to continue living in Sports Hotel but rather prefers a permanent home in the city.

“His wife and parents wanted to visit him but they couldn’t come down to Kumasi and with his religion, his living at the facility has been uncomfortable,” Jantuah noted.

However, Yacouba’s manager noted that the player still loved the club and that he was not forcing his way out.

“It’s not true that Sogne Yacouba has decided to terminate his contract. The only thing that can keep him away from Kotoko is either an injury or a good deal that both Kotoko and our camp will be satisfied with,” he asserted.

Some two weeks ago, a close source from Kotoko revealed to the Graphic Sports that ZESCO, Orlando Pirates and two other Egyptian clubs, Zamalek and Smouha FC, had joined the race for the signature of their talisman, Yacouba, pending negotiations for his release or otherwise.





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Ordinarily, it should not matter the kind of hairstyle a parent will decide to give to his or her child but as a celebrity in any part of the world, you bet your every move, be it in private or public life will be duly scrutinized by your fans and haters alike.

This is currently the challenge of multiple award-winning gospel musician, Obaapa Christy, as she has been coerced in a way to come out to offer some explanation as to why the youngest son of a minstrel will have dreadlocks, a hairstyle many currently see as one which is suitable for ‘some kind’ of people.

Speaking on the ‘Uncut’ show before she jetted off with her team at the Kotoko International Airport for her recent Europe tour, the “W’asue Me” hitmaker disclosed that prior to her giving birth to her very first child, she always prayed to God for a child who will have a lot of hair and some heavy and nice calfs.

She stressed that lo and behold, the Maker answered her prayer and as such, her decision to keep the hair of her youngest son by breading his hair the dreadlocks style because, in her opinion, it symbolizes the sort of glory God has given the child.

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Osibisa was the first African band to notch up a whole series of best-selling singles and albums in the pop charts with its infectious fusion of styles referred to worldwide as criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness.

The band was formed in the United Kingdom in 1969 by three Ghanaian musicians (Teddy Osei, Sol Amarfio and Mac Tontoh), together with three colleagues from the Caribbean (Wendel Richardson, Spartacus R and Robert Bailey) and one from Nigeria (Loughty Lasisi Amao).

They probably did not envisage that their vibrant fusion of African rhythms with Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Calypso and Soul would engulf the world. But it did, establishing them in the process as one of the greatest popular music bands ever seen on earth.

Scratch Studios at East Legon in Accra, in collaboration with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), has lined up a series of events as part of activities to mark Osibisa’s 50th anniversary.
The activities are: Launch of Osibisa Foundation, as well as a lecture and workshop on July 2; Osibisa@50 Concert at +233 Jazz Bar & Grill, North Ridge in Accra on August 3 and Osibisa@50 celebration at the National Theatre, Accra on November 23.

Over the years, Osibisa has released several classic albums such as ‘Osibisa’, ‘Woyaya ’,’Heads’, ‘Superfly’, ‘Happy Children’, ‘Osibirock’, ‘Welcome Home’, ‘Ojah Awake’ and ‘Osee Yee’.

According to Mr Kofi Amoakohene of Scratch Studios, there would be activities around the world between August and November this year to celebrate Osibisa’s 50th anniversary and it would be a shame for Ghana to remain silent on such a monumental achievement.

“Scratch Studios has worked closely with Osibisa, especially with leader Teddy Osei, over the years and we greatly value the band’s worth in the history of popular music.

That’s why we have taken the initiative, along with MUSIGA, to remind everyone in Ghana and beyond that Osibisa is an institution worth celebrating,” Mr Amoakohene said.

Apart from the three original Ghanaian members, the band had at various times included several other Ghanaian players and offered them the opportunity too to travel the world and demonstrate Ghanaian creativity.

These other musicians include Kiki Gyan, Kari Bannerman, Emmanuel Rentzos, Kofi Ayivor, Bessa Simons, Kwame Yeboah, Paul Bilson, Frank Tontoh, Darko Potato, Victor Mensah, Joe Osei, Robert Fordjour and Herman Asafo-Agyei.

No wonder Osibisa is described in international circles sometimes as a Ghanaian band.

“What Osibisa was known for everywhere had its roots from Ghana as the band retained the Highlife influence and portrayed the country positively on its world tours,” said Paa Kwesi Holdbrook-Smith of Scratch Studios.

“It’s worth celebrating the band on its 50th anniversary because it made Ghana proud by taking progressive African music to every corner of the globe.”

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