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Bright of Buk Bak finally speaks about broke up with Amanda Jissih

There has been lot of rumour that Bright of music group Buk Bak and TV and Radio Personality Amanda Jissih were secretly dating but it was not confirmed if it was indeed true.

Bright has however cleared the doubts of many.

In an interview, he admitted that he was in a serious relationship with Amanda but they managed to stay together on the blind side of many Ghanaians.

He furthur stated that, they dated for a couple of months before they said goodbye to each other. They wanted the best out of the affair since it is the dream of all who are dating to marry in the future but that did not happen for them.

Reacting to rumor that his constant cheating on Amanda collapsed their beautiful relationship, Bright responded he respects himself so he dates one lady at a time.

He added that, most people have the wrong perception that he is a womanizer but he hardly defends himself and that makes them believe it is true but that assertion is entirely false. On why his relationship with Amanda Jissih collapsed, Bright made it clear , that many things were going wrong for them so the two thought it wise to end their affair.



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