Kissing is one of the great things when you are in love. It’s the best of showing your love and affection to your partner. Almost everyone receives or gives a kiss at some point in their life. A kiss can be placed on any part of the body. There are many different types of kisses and every one of them sends a different message to your partner. Not only are there many different types of kisses, there are also many different types of kissing techniques. Today we will tell you several types of kisses and their meanings

1 Kiss on Forehead

Brushing your lips gently against someone’s forehead is a sign of trust and comfort.The forehead kiss is a nice way to show affection, whether in you’re in a new relationship or celebrating your tenth anniversary.

2 Kiss on Cheek

This is a closed mouth kiss on someone’s cheeks. This kiss is often used as a greeting with a kiss on each cheek. It is a friendly sign of affection for anyone you know and love.

3 Kiss on Nose

Kiss on nose signifies that you are truly fond of your partner. And it’s hard for you to get over it. It also shows that you are so much passionate about your lover.

4 Eskimo Kiss

It is commonly used by children and parents as an indication of affection. It involves rubbing your nose against your loved nose back and forth. This type of kiss has its origin from the Eskimo, hence the name Eskimo kiss.

5 French kiss

The French is considered most popular romantic kiss. A kiss is named ‘French kiss’ when a person’s tongue touches another person’s tongue. This is why it is also known as tongue kissing. This type of kiss is very easy to execute but it may take years to master.

6 The Biting Kiss

This is an open mouthed kiss that incorporates the tongue just like the French kiss. The only difference between this kiss and the French kiss is the fact that the teeth are also put into use. The teeth gently grab your partners tongue as you kiss.

7 Kiss on Neck

The front and side parts of the neck are really sensitive. That’s why couples who are in a close and intimate relationship prefer such kisses. And sometimes such a kiss is just a prelude.

8 Peck kiss

The peck is a short tight lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks. It is used as an expression of friendship. A peck can also spark romance between two people. If you don’t get over it, just make him/her your lover.

9 Kiss on Ear

Kiss on ear signifies that the person loves truly his/her partner. It involves taking someone’s earlobe between the lips and tugging gently upwards or downwards. This kiss can be made more intense by gently rubbing the tongue in a circular motion on the earlobe.

10 Kiss on shoulder

A kiss on the shoulder is a fine way to connect with your partner and show your affection. Brush your lips along their shoulder, letting your lips linger.



Going out on a date with that hot guy and you need that one particular outfit to look hot but comfortable at the same time? Well, there is no need to trash your room with the whole wardrobe. There are a lot of different ways to match and mix outfits from your wardrobe to create that beautiful and solid alternative for your date.

Check out a couple of outfits that are not just beautiful but also appropriate for that date

  1. Camisole top + ripped denim jeans.
A dash of make-up, high heels and a folder clutch and you are good to go.
  1. Strappy high-low halter neck dress with pointy toe pumps.

Pull your hair up in a messy bun get some accessories to go with that and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

  1. High waist skirt +crop top/ jean jacket, converse and a handbag.

For a lovely teenage girl ready to have some fun and is not a huge fan of high heels.


  1. Women’s dashiki sleeveless tops +jeans.


Fun and simple.

Story by:  Nana Adwoa Jeremy



SPORTS SCIENCE is a new television program soon to be aired on Omy TV to dive more into the scientific aspects of the game, causes and the symptoms of the players involved. SPORTS SCIENCE will be live from the studios of Omy TV every Thursdays and Friday at exactly 10:30am to 11:00am, with your host, Elvis Asare, a Physiotherapist.

The program seeks to discuss how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sports and physical activity promote health, physically, mentally and socially.

The study of sport science incorporates many other academic studies and areas, like physiology, psychology, anatomy, engineering and chemistry.

There will be a discussion on the injuries involved in sporting activities. The Causes, Symptoms, Effects, and how long they will be sub-lined during the period of injury.

In view of that, SPORTS SCIENCE host Elvis Asare, with his able panelists will cover every injury related issues and will advice on whom to see in order to recover on time and also, the period in which the recovery will be due.

Stay tuned on Omy TV and enjoy this amazing program which will give you great insight on injuries occurred during sporting activities.

You can watch us live on Facebook Omy TV Ghana. You can also follow us on our YouTube page, twitter and Instagram @omytvgh. You can as well send in your contributions during the program on our WhatsApp number 0242336241




Bananas are an incredibly popular food pretty much anywhere you go. Grown in 107 countries, they represent the fourth most valuable crop the world over. They are delicious ripe, cooked, dried, even slightly under-ripe. They are great plain but nicely complement ice cream, cereal, and yogurt. Bananas are also one of the healthiest snacks you can have, with enough sweetness to make you forget how much nutrition you’re getting.

But what would happen if you ate two bananas every day? We will take a look at the health outcomes of that habit, the good and the not-so-good. (Spoiler alert: it’s mostly good news.) Bananas are full of healthy potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and B6, but they are not recommended for people with certain conditions. And since we know you’re wondering, we’ll also let you know how many bananas you’d have to eat to overdose.

What You Get in Two Bananas

First let’s look at the nutrition facts for two bananas. If you consume this much each day, you’ll take in:

  • 210 Calories
  • 900 mg Potassium (24% RDA)
  • 54 g Carbohydrates (18% RDA)
  • 2 g Dietary fiber (24% RDA)
  • 28 g Sugar
  • 6 g Protein (4% RDA)

You will also get the following percentage of RDA for these vital nutrients:

  • 2% Vitamin A
  • 34% Vitamin C
  • 2% Iron
  • 40% Vitamin B6
  • 16% Magnesium

So what will happen if you do this every day?

You’ll Make a Big Dent in Your RDA for Potassium

Many of us don’t realize how important potassium is to the body because we don’t know exactly what it does. Potassium is actually one of the most critical nutrients because it is used by every cell in the body to generate the electrical charge needed to function properly. Potassium also plays a role in keeping the heart rate steady, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, and triggering the release of insulin when needed to regulate blood sugar.

The RDA for potassium in healthy adults is between 3,500-4,700mg per day. Certain other factors such as lifestyle can affect the recommended amount, so speak to your doctor if you’re concerned that you’re not getting enough. But two average bananas contain approximately 900 mg of potassium, so that’s a nice start. Other good sources of potassium include white beans, potatoes (white and sweet), beets, spinach, watermelon, and tomato sauce.

You’ll Help Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure

You probably know that too much sodium is a huge risk factor for high blood pressure. What you may not know that it is actually the balance of sodium and potassium that works to control hypertension. The process centers in the kidneys, which help control blood pressure by regulating the amount of fluid stored in the body. Your kidneys filter your blood and suck out extra fluid, which is directed to the bladder as urine.

It is that balance of sodium and potassium that’s used to draw excess water from the bloodstream toward the bladder. When the balance goes off, more fluid is retained and blood pressure is driven up. On average, fewer than 2% of US adults meet their daily RDA for potassium, which means a lot of folks have a significant risk factor for hypertension.

You’ll Lower Your Cancer Risk

An overall diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables is important for minimizing cancer risk because you get your daily dose of critical nutrients without added salt, sugar, food dye, and chemical preservatives. But bananas are especially good because they are high in vitamin C, which is crucial in the fight against carcinogenic free-radicals.

The fiber in bananas is also important for regulating digestive health, and is thought to reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.

You’ll Boost Your Heart Health

Achieving the right balance of sodium and potassium is also important for heart health. A recent study revealed that people who got at least 4,069 mg of potassium every day had a 49% lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease than people who got less than 1,000 mg.

That’s no small amount! But bananas help heart health in other ways, too. The fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin C all work together to support a strong ticker.

You’ll Soothe Your Upset Stomach

If you’ve ever been to the doctor with an upset stomach, chances are that he or she recommended you follow the BRAT diet. Short for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, the BRAT diet is comprised of basic foods that are easy to digest.

Bananas are great for keeping your stomach and digestive system happy because the potassium helps stabilize your electrolyte balance. The fiber also helps to promote regularity.

You’ll Take in Almost 30g of Sugar

Sugar is a dietary bad word these days, but when it comes to bananas, you don’t need to worry so much. Experts recommend greatly reducing your intake of added sugar, the kind that is pumped into food where it doesn’t exist naturally. The sugar in bananas is natural and comes with a healthy dose of fiber, too.

Fiber helps to slow digestion (sugar and carbohydrates otherwise burn quickly), and stabilizes the impact to your blood sugar. Therefore, bananas are a good mid-day snack or addition to your meals when you need to stay energized.

You’ll Have to Work Really Hard to Overdose

As we’ve mentioned, most Americans are deficient in potassium, and two whole bananas a day won’t provide your full RDA. You’d need to eat 7 or 8 bananas to get enough daily potassium from that source alone. However, too much potassium is just as dangerous as too little – it can destroy your heart muscle, for one. But for a healthy person to reach that danger zone, he or she would need to eat 400 bananas in one day! We suspect that stomach capacity would stop that attempt long before anyone got too much potassium from eating bananas.

So for any healthy person, eating two bananas a day is a great idea. People who are taking beta blockers for heart disease should be careful, as beta blockers raise potassium levels. And bananas are classified as “medium” on the glycemic index, so a twice-a-day habit might not be the best idea for diabetics. Otherwise, have at it. Research indicates that a high potassium intake reduces your risk of death by any physical ailment by a solid 20%. That’s a nice healthy cushion!

lydia agyeiJune 18, 2019


A young man has been left brokenhearted after his girlfriend of six years left him to go and marry another man.

According to a Twitter user, Papi Cazorla, who shared the story on social media, the guy had been dating the lady without much problems.

Though they had be planning in the last two years to get married, things had not materialised and the guy was trying his best.

Recently, there had been pressure mounting from the girl’s family for the guy to come perform the marriage rites.

To get the pressure off, the jilted man had planned to go and do a knocking ceremony for the lady on her birthday in July 2019.

But in the morning Friday, June 14, 2019, the guy received a call from one of the friends of his woman to come to the Suntreso Hospital in Kumasi.

Thinking that the girlfriend had been hospitalised, he took some money and hurriedly went to the hospital.

When he got to the hospital, he saw his girlfriend and the lady who had called him. The two of them handed him an envelope and upon opening it, he realised his girlfriend was getting married to another man.

The lady is getting married to her old schoolmate who has just returned from abroad.

In an obvious bid to ‘compensate’ the guy who is a photographer, she was asking him to take up the photography job for her wedding.

The story as shared by the Twitter user has got diverse reactions. While some think he got what he deserved for wasting the girl’s time, others have sympathised with him.

lydia agyeiJune 12, 2019


Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body, sharp mind, and the energy required to get you through your day. So many foods are heralded for their ability to build strong bones, improve cardiac health, or maintain blood glucose levels. Those are all great and necessary aspects of health. But you may wonder what you can do to nourish and protect the skin that houses the whole package that is your body.

Since the first thing others notice is your face, it is only natural to want to present a face that is fresh, youthful, and glowing with health.

Your diet contributes to the health of your skin as well as your other body systems.

Here are 12 foods you can indulge in to keep that fresh glow.

1. Fruit

Fruits are rich in antioxidants, which prevent cell damage by free radicals. This means that not only will your skin be protected from the ravages of free radicals, so will your heart and your brain.

The fruits richest in antioxidants are those that have vibrant colors. Colourful blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries all contain powerful antioxidants. So do vibrant purple grapes, shiny red apples, and bright red tomatoes.

2. Vegetables

Leafy and dark green vegetables also contain powerful antioxidants that can contribute to healthier, younger-looking skin.

Broccoli contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc, which are important for healthy skin. Studies show that a diet rich in the phytonutrients from plants can help protect skin against sun damage.

Flavonoids, beta carotene, lycopene, and lutein are some of the nutrients that help in the fight against damage caused by the sun’s rays.

Choose vibrant vegetables like dark green spinach, bright orange sweet potatoes, and collard greens for a healthy body and younger-looking skin.

3. Fatty Fish

Fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and herring are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids that fight inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the inflammation caused by exposure to the sun’s rays and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

Indulging in fatty fish twice a week will treat your skin to the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids while also providing your body with the healthy fats it needs for optimal function.

Vitamin E provided by these fish is also an antioxidant that can protect your skin from free radicals.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is another source of vitamin E, which protects against tissue damage. Olive oil contains polyphenols that not only improve the health of your skin, but also prevent heart damage, cancer, and inflammation.

No matter how good your skin looks, you need to be healthy enough to enjoy it. In addition to eating foods cooked with olive oil, you can use it topically.

Apply olive oil as a moisturizer or rub it into fingernails to revive dry, brittle nails.

5. Beans

Black beans are rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants which prevent cell damage. Soybeans contain isoflavones, which have been studied for possible anti-aging effects.

Beans and other legumes, which include lentils and chickpeas, are also good sources of nutrients such as iron, potassium, folate, and magnesium.

These nutrients are important for the maintenance of healthy skin and tissues. Legumes are also a rich source of protein, the building blocks for the body’s cells.

6. Green Tea

Green tea is made from the unoxidized leaves of the same plant, Camellia sinensis, that makes black tea. Since the leaves have not been oxidized, they are powerful storehouses of the antioxidants that prevent cellular damage.

This means drinking green tea is another delicious way to prevent cancer, heart disease, and inflammatory diseases. It also means green tea can help your skin retain the youthful glow and firmness that signal good health.

Enjoy a refreshing, icy cold bottle of green tea on the go. Or curl up at the end of a long day with a soothing, hot cup of green tea and a good book.

7. Almonds

The almond is a tiny powerhouse packed with fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants. A one-ounce serving of this nut provides six grams of protein.

It also contains manganese, magnesium, and a whopping 37 percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin E.

Almonds provide nutrients that rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Additionally, almonds are included in beauty products such as topical lotions, moisturizers, lip balms, and bath gels.

8. Acai Berries

The acai berry comes from palm trees in subtropical areas of Central and South America. They have become wildly popular and touted as a “superfood” for their high concentrations of phytochemical antioxidants.

While these berries may not be any more “super” than other anthocyanin-rich fruit, they make tasty smoothies. For an extra boost of antioxidant power, enjoy an acai bowl topped with fresh strawberries, slivered almonds, and blueberries.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is a vibrant orange-gold spice that livens up the flavour of Asian foods such as curry. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties of this spice contribute to the glow of healthy skin.

Turmeric may decrease inflammation and redness of skin conditions including acne. Turmeric may also help to decrease puffiness and discoloration under the eyes.

10. Kefir

This fermented beverage is a probiotic, similar to yogurt, that helps maintain a healthy digestive system. The probiotic microorganisms help keep your gut populated with the good bacteria that promote good health.

In addition to the positive effect on your gut, this leads to a healthy effect on your immune system and your skin.

11. Dark Chocolate

Of course we know that fruits and vegetables are good for our bodies, including our skin. It’s always nice to hear that a treat like dark chocolate has health benefits as well.

Dark chocolate, containing 70 percent or more of cacao, is another powerful antioxidant. The phytonutrients in cocoa, called flavonoids, actually help the skin reflect UV light, preventing skin damage.

The best part is that dark chocolate should be eaten often in order to achieve this effect. Nibble on a piece of dark chocolate each day or whip up some delicious hot cocoa made with raw cacao powder to treat your taste buds and your skin.

12. Water

When choosing foods to pamper your skin, don’t forget the benefits of water. Just as a large percentage of your body is made up of water, so are your skin cells.

When your skin cells become dehydrated, your skin becomes dry, tight, and loses its elasticity. Plump up your skin cells by keeping a bottle of water on hand to sip from throughout the day.

If plain water seems too bland, add a squeeze of lemon. Boil a cup of water and add green tea leaves for a delicious way to hydrate your skin and treat it to antioxidants at the same time.

Nanaama sakyiwaaJune 12, 2019


Rice dishes are among the commonest consumed dishes the world over. Our country cannot be left out of this state of affairs.

A lot of people eat rice. Actually, there are people who can eat rice water (rice porridge) in the morning, boiled plain rice in the afternoon and rice balls in the evening.

They are just fine going that way.

Rice being a cereal is a rich source of carbohydrates, a major energy provider to the human body.

It also has a little protein and other nutrients. In fact much more protein compared to the traditional carbohydrate source foods like cassava, plantain, yam, among others.

Eating rice as rice water (rice porridge) is a good way to load up on energy.

This is a good breakfast as well. It is not complete if eaten with only sugar.

There surely must be some milk and or roasted groundnut added.

Boiled rice eaten with stew or soup is also a good combination.

This of course is not complete without a protein source, stew or soup.

It is a fact that most rice eaters will choose white rice over brown rice.

The white rice is also known as polished rice and the brown rice is also known as unpolished rice.

The polished rice is touted as delicious and easy to eat while the unpolished rice is seen as hard to eat and not delicious.

Polished and unpolished rice both contain starch almost to the same level.

After consumption, rice will be digested. Like any other starchy food, rice becomes glucose after digestion.

In the small intestines, the glucose gets absorbed into the blood stream.

It must be taken from the blood and passed onto cells for conversion into energy.

This is the point at which the starch or food becomes useful to the body.

Whereas there is a wholesale absorption of glucose that results from the digestion of polished rice, the case is a bit different when it comes to the unpolished one.

Due to the presence of the outer covering in the unpolished rice, some of the glucose escapes absorption.

The chaff carries them along into the large intestine and then into the rectum, later bringing them out as in faeces.

Unpolished rice also stays longer in the stomach before eventually being emptied into the small intestines for digestion to proceed.

This is the reason why consumers of unpolished rice do not feel hungry soon after eating. It helps control hunger thereby preventing overeating.

It is therefore likely to have blood sugar levels controlled better after consuming rice in the unpolished state. This is good news for all diabetics and anyone who wants to prevent diabetes as well.

Since digestion and absorption rates are lower for the unpolished rice, the rate of increase in blood glucose is also lower.

You will agree with me that it takes longer to chew the unpolished rice compared to the polished one.

The advantage this offers is the inability to overeat due to the fatigue of chewing.

The unpolished rice with its properties also supports weight loss.

After eating this food, the temptation to take drinks or eat pastries as snacks soon afterwards will be reduced to the barest minimum.

There will also not be too much glucose so the body thinks of storing some as fat.

The body stores excess sugar as fat that is why anyone who eats more starchy foods than their body uses will gain weight.

Rice lovers should also eat their rice with stews made from leafy vegetables.

Also eat rice in reasonable quantities. Eating rice late at night is also not advisable.

This only makes you load up on energy which does not get used up as you will be sleeping.

There are people who are addicted to the polished rice and therefore believe they cannot switch to the unpolished one. This does not have to be the case.

I believe that with a little effort, everyone can eat the unpolished rice.

You can start by mixing the polished and the unpolished rice and then eventually feed on the unpolished rice fully. Try preparing porridge from the brown (unpolished rice) and you will like it.

It is also a good idea to mix polished rice and wheat.

I wish to also put it across that there are some types of rice that looks brown but are not unpolished rice. Some are just coloured brown. Such types change colour after they are washed in water.

The right types have some chaff around them that give them the characteristic brown colour.

These types will taste differently from the usual white or polished rice so beware.

As you enjoy your rice dish, do so with your health and well-being in mind.

Eat well, stay healthy. God bless you.

lydia agyeiJune 10, 2019


If you are considering marriage, you need to be sure that there are no signs you shouldn’t marry him in the picture. Marriage is a huge commitment and should be for a lifetime. If the guy you are considering linking your life up with has any of the signs you shouldn’t marry him as discussed here, you need to carefully consider not only not marrying them but not dating them. The things listed here are issues that will most likely cause huge problems should you decide to get married.

1. They have been unfaithful

One of the top signs you shouldn’t marry him is if he has been unfaithful to you. If someone cannot remain faithful to you throughout the time period that you are dating, it is very probable they will not remain faithful throughout a lifelong marriage. The bare minimum you should be able to expect from your husband is his faithfulness. That is not an extra benefit in a good marriage. It is expected.

2. They have an alcohol or drug problem

If you are dating a man with an alcohol or drug problem, you need to get away from him as quickly as you can. Run away from that relationship! It holds nothing but heartache from you. You cannot fix him or save him from himself. Save yourself the heartache of marrying a man with an addiction problem

3. They have a different faith with you

Marrying someone who is of a different faith than you are can bring you both so much heartache. I am not talking about little differences in denominations of the same faith. Those can usually be overcome fairly easily. But if the two of you have completely different faiths, a happy future will be difficult for you to attain. And it is much easier to choose someone from the start that shares your faith than to break it off with someone of a different faith that you already care deeply for.

4. You fight constantly

If you cannot get along when you are dating, most likely you are not going to get along when you are married. In fact, you will probably fight much more. I have often heard it said that your relationship is the best it is ever going to be when you are dating. Marriage is hard, even when you both love each other deeply and are committed to treating each other kindly. If you cannot work out your conflicts before you get married, then don’t get married at all

5. You aren’t sure if you love him

If you do not know deep down in your heart that you are deeply and totally in love with your boyfriend then you absolutely do not need to marry them. Do not enter a marriage with doubts in your head and your heart. That gut feeling is there for a reason and it is usually right. At the very least, postpone a wedding when you have doubts to give yourself time to sort your feelings out. If you do end up working through your feelings then your guy will still be there if

6. Nobody likes them

Is your boyfriend a well-liked guy? What do people usually think of him? What is the general, common opinion of him? Those are very important questions to consider. While everyone has someone that doesn’t like them, if your boyfriend is disliked by a lot of people, there is most likely a reason for that that you need to consider carefully.



The much awaited OMY TV Legendary Night 2019 came off on Thursday June 6, 2019 at the Alisa Hotel in honor of ace Broadcast Journalist, Joachim Awuley Lartey Senior, popularly known as “Over to You Joe Lartey”

Omy TV which is a sports oriented television station with 70 percent of its content dedicated to sports with the remaining 30 percent on Politics and Entertainment brought to the fore, a night of honor for a well deserved legend.

The program saw legends and personalities like Coach Yussif Basigi, Nii Odartey Lanptey, Kim Grant (head coach of Accra Hearts of Oak), Joe Addo, Ekow Asmah, Joe Okyere, Nii Adama Plange, Benjamin Mensah, Gloria Commodore, Sammy Agyei, Tic Tac (Ghanaian musician) Ezeh (Nigerian singer and actor) Pattington Papa Nii Papafio popularly known as Papa Nii Oesophagus, and a host of other legends from various sporting disciplines.

In the quest for developing and bringing sports up high, the management of Omy TV decided to change the phenomenon that legends are celebrated only when they pass away to honoring them while they still live for them to know they are being  appreciated and acknowledged by the country they lived and toiled for.

Joe Lartey is a Ghanaian commentator and journalist who worked with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation from 1961 to 1973 and 1990, and with Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria between 1978 and 1990

Early Life and Education

Lartey was born on June 6, 1927 at Lutterodt Street in Accra to Emmanuel Akushey Lartey and Madam Emma Araakua Lartey. His father worked with the Treasury Department.

Lartey started his education at Accra Royal School around 1933. Not long after, his father was transferred to Cape Coast and he went with him. However, before he could find another school, his father took ill and was brought back to Accra.

In 1935, his father was transferred to Tamale. He decided to go alone because of the distance. A journey to Tamale from Accra at the time lasted three days. Lartey, his younger brother and his mother were left behind. A few months later, his younger brother took ill and never recovered until he died. His father had to come for him and his mother. At Tamale, Lartey enrolled at the Tamale Middle Boarding School but his father sought permission for him to be a day student, since he fell sick often.

In 1938 his father returned to Accra and Lartey was sent to Government Senior Boys School at Kinbu to continue his education. He completed middle school in 1943 and was admitted to the Accra Academy in 1944. He followed events of the Second World War by listening to the war speeches of British Prime Minster Sir Winston Churchill, on radio, and by reading magazines.

After less than a year at the Accra Academy, he left home for Takoradi to join the British Navy. He was sent to Free Town Sierra Leon for further training. In 1945 the war had ended and his group was demobilized in 1946.


Lartey first got a job as a clerk at the Accra Town Council, working under the Town Clerk Major McDougel. He then pursued a course on his own with Wolsey Hall to prepare for Cambridge Certificate (O’Level).

There was a special resettlement package for those discharged from the British Navy, as part of which, Lartey was given a scholarship to train as a teacher. He did the Certificate “B” at Winneba Training College, passing out after two years. Because of the Cambridge Certificate he obtained from Wolsey Hall, he was able to do his post-certificate training at Wesley College, Kumasi. He spent five years teaching at Larteh, Kwanyako, Swedru, Nyakrom and Accra until 1961.


He joined GBC in 1961 following a recommendation from an old mate from the Accra Academy, Boso Kpohonu, who was the Head of Research at GBC.

He spent two years at the Talks and Features Department before being sent to the Sports Department on relieving duties. Festus Addae, another celebrated commentator, who headed the department, refused to let Lartey go back to the Talks and Features Department.

Lartey flourished as a commentator at the Sports Department. He and Addae handled commentary together, and this was when the phrase “over to you Joe Lartey” became popular. Any time Addae was handing over to Lartey, he would use the expression.

Lartey was also involved in trade unionism while at GBC. He was divisional secretary of the Public Service Workers Union for six years, directly working under Kwesi Pratt Snr, the General Secretary and father of Kwesi Pratt Jnr.

According to the management of OMY TV, this will continue each and every year to honor the efforts of the people who have toiled to raise the flag of Ghana high as far sports is concerned.

lydia agyeiMay 28, 2019

Cell phones are practically attached to our hips—but that might not be the best place for you to put your favorite handheld device. Neither are these other spots.

In your pocket

Keeping your phone in your pocket seems logical, but you could be doing more harm than good. According to Lilly Friedman, MD, this is actually the worst place to store your cell phone.

“When cell phones are on, connected to a wireless network, and placed in a pocket, the radiation is two to seven times higher than if it were placed in a purse or holster,” she says.

There is a correlation between radiation from a cell phone and tumour growth, she adds. Plus, radiation can change the structure of DNA and affect male fertility, according to Dr. Friedman.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer also found that cell phone radiation is additionally carcinogenic to humans.

Merely sitting on your phone could cause health issues such as sciatica or other back problems as well.

In your bra

Some research and case studies show that keeping your phone in your bra could be linked to breast cancer due to the radiations and vibrations from the phone.

That said, there is not enough evidence to establish a definite relationship between the two.

Still, keeping your phone in your bra, especially a sports bra, is a bad idea due to the skin-irritating bacteria it could harbour, Muscle & Fitness reports.

In your bed or under your pillow

Sleeping with your cell phone is a bad idea for a few reasons. First, keeping your phone under your pillow could build up heat and present a potential fire hazard, especially if your phone is charging or has a defect.

It’s also known that the LED light from phone screens can disrupt melatonin production and circadian rhythms, hurting your sleep quality, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

And, of course, there’s also radiation to consider as well. The amount of radiofrequency radiation cell phones give off are the same ones emitted from microwaves.

There is also concern about the safety of cell phone use with respect to cancer and brain tumours, per the American Cancer Society.

Plugged in

Keeping your phone plugged in when it has a full battery causes damage to the battery itself. It’s not that your phone “overloads” with power.

But heat buildup, from stacking things on top of your phone or keeping it under your pillow, makes your phone hotter and battery-damaging—mainly if you use knock-off cables.

Close to your face

Keeping your phone close to your face means bacteria transfers to and from your phone, making your skin and phone dirtier.

This combination leads to more acne, skin irritation, and even wrinkles, according to Allure.

Try using ear pods instead to keep the surface of your phone at a distance from your face.

In your glove compartment

Extreme temperatures are the worst conditions for your phone. So keeping your device in your glove compartment during the extremely hot or cold months of the year could lead to problems.

According to Time, excess heat can cause everything from data loss or corruption to battery leakage.

The cold weather presents just as many issues for your device. In cold temperatures, many smartphones shut off, have display problems, shortened battery life, and in rare cases screen shattering.

Notice a theme here? The extreme sun and heat at the beach is a recipe for phone disaster.

Protect your device after you finish taking beautiful beach pictures. Hot and sunny conditions could, again, cause your phone to overheat.

Anywhere in your bathroom

Although cell phones could arguably be the new newspaper, it’s not a good idea to take yours into the bathroom.

Even if you keep your device on a counter or away from the toilet, anything within three feet of a flushing one could end up with bacteria or viruses in the air, according to a study published in Applied and Environmental Microbilogy.

“The detection of bacteria and viruses falling out onto surfaces in bathrooms after flushing indicated that they remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom,” wrote the study authors.


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