A man of God who is best known for the propagation of the existence of heaven and the admonishment of Christians to live a sin-free life has made a shocking revelation which may call for the needed attention of the government.

Prophet Francis Kwarteng who is the General Overseer of the House of Power Ministries on Thursday revealed that the first president of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s actions some long years ago is causing the country a great harm.

According to the Prophet, the woes of the country can be attributed to the bringing in of a god called “kankan nyame” by Dr. Nkrumah so many years ago.

Prophet Kwarteng indicated, “Since the introduction of that god by Nkrumah, the god has never seized to be in charge of Ghana. And because of this, though Ghana can boast of lots of minerals like gold, timber, diamond, etc, the country will still struggle in terms of finances if leaders of the country do not do the needful in terms of Biblical directives”.

The revelation came during the Church’s one week program dubbed “Mpuntuo Mmere”. The Prophet said, that god spiritually has been fighting the country hence, the country’s predicaments. He indicated the country Ghana needs to pay a debt owed that god in order to be free from it otherwise; the country will continue to be under its watch and control.

The prophet said the revelation was revealed to him by God and that, it was imperative for the leaders of the country to be aware of the situation.

“If we don’t pay, the “kankan nyame” will take all our monies. If we don’t pay, Ghana will continue to suffer because the country needs to settle that god in order to be free from it” he averred.

Meanwhile, some attendees of the event have called on the present government under the leadership of President Nana Akuffo-Addo to heed to the call of the Prophet by seeing him and doing the needful for the betterment of the country and its populace.



The Electoral Commission (EC) on Tuesday said it is taking steps to own its Information Technology Systems and Biometric Data Centre instead of leaving them to be managed by STL, an information technology company.

The move would enable the EC to have full control of its systems and reduce the monies being paid to an outsource company to maintain them at the cost of four million dollars annually.

Mrs Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, said this when she led a team of Commissioners of the EC to pay a courtesy call on the Management of the Western Publication in Accra.

Included in the team were her two deputies – Mr Samuel Tettey, in-charge of Operations, and Dr Eric Bossman Asare, in-charge of Corporate Services.
The EC’s Delegation was received jointly by Mr Kwame Blay, the Chief Executive Officer of Daily Guide Newspaper, Mr Fortune Alimi, the Editor, Mr William Yaw Owusu, an Editor and Alhaji A.R. Gomda, Chief News Editor.

Mrs Mensah said the Commission had commenced recruitment processes to engage competent personnel in that field to manage the data centre.

She stated that the EC’s new administration, upon assumption of office, met a proposal of 56 million dollars to take care of its IT infrastructure but upon feasibility studies and recommendations, they discontinued with it.

“The EC invited a consultant from Canada who was engaged to design the IT infrastructure to conduct audit and make recommendations. At the end he said it was not finally wise to pursue that proposal,” she said.

“Our staffs were not in the know, it was only our vendors who had the details and operated the system. With these steps it will create the credibility of our system.“

Touching the call by former President John Mahama to investigate the hacking allegations, Mr Tettey, on his part, said the Commission was not technically and logistically prepared for the electronic transmission of results and so did not use that system at all.

He said the electronic transmission was an additional measure to ensure transparency but not the main mode of transmitting results.


The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced that it will compromise and conduct the limited voter registration exercise in selected difficult areas in addition to its district offices.

The exercise, which is to take place between Friday, June 7 and Thursday, June 27 2019, was initially planned to happen only at the district offices of the Electoral Commission.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) resisted the initial plan going as far as accusing the EC of scheming to disenfranchise voters.
The NDC wanted the EC to decentralize the exercise up to the electoral area levels instead of just the 260 districts offices.

A former District Chief Executive for Sekyere Afram-Plains in the Ashanti Region, Donkor Fuseini, also petitioned the Commission to extend the limited voter registration exercise to the electoral areas in the Sekyere Afram-Plains constituency because of its difficult terrain and island communities.

But after the tensions between the NDC and EC, the Commission announced it will extend the exercise to identified areas across the country.

“This is to enable citizens and qualified applicants located in riverine, distant and difficult areas who want to take advantage of the registration process to do so,” Jean Mensa, the EC chairperson explained.

The Electoral Commission has also announced December 10, 2019 as the date for the district level elections.

This is to happen concurrently with the referendum on the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.

The Commission plans to compile new voters’ register for the next presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana.




The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, on Tuesday, 21st May, 2019, gave assent to Right to Information Act, at a brief event at Jubilee House, the seat of the nation’s presidency.
In his remarks, before giving assent to the Act, President Akufo-Addo expressed his satisfaction that the passing of the Act came into effect during his time as President, and in the time of the 7th Parliament.

“I want to congratulate the 7th Parliament for its courage, sense of responsibility and commitment to good governance in passing this significant piece of legislation,” the President added.

The purposes of the Act, as set out in its Preamble, is to provide for the implementation of the constitutional right to information held by any public institution, and to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in public affairs.

This, in the view, of President “should enhance the quality of governance of our country, and provide a critical tool in the fight against corruption in public life.”

With Parliament having provided that Act comes into effect in the next financial year, i.e. January 2020, because of the financial consequences in the implementation of the law, the President stated that this is to give the public treasury the opportunity to make the necessary allocations to enable the Act to be effective.

“I am very happy that this law has finally been passed, and I did make the commitment that, when it was brought to me, I would give my assent to it right away. It was, in fact, brought to me yesterday afternoon,” the President said.

He continued, “But, on second thought, I felt that I should sign it in the plain view of the Ghanaian people, for you to know that this long-winding parliamentary process has finally come to an end.”



Former President Jerry John Rawlings has swiftly responded to a ‘sharp-teethed’ attack from former Deputy Information Minister Felix Ofosu Kwakye, describing him as a ‘little greedy neck.’

The ex-President, who coined the phrase ‘babies with sharp teeth,’ was prompted into action after the former deputy minister under the previous Mahama administration told him to conduct himself like an elderly person.

Former President Rawlings coined ‘babies with sharp teeth’ and ‘greedy bastards’ during the previous Mills administration after coming under attack from youthful appointees notorious for hurling insults at people with dissenting views.

The former President, founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), gained notoriety in the corridors of his own party for openly querying what he considered traits of bad governance at the hands of his successors.

While being hosted on a radio station, the former deputy minister was asked to react to the charge by Mr. Rawlings that he had purchased two mansions in Accra for $3 million, one of which he gave to his wife.

Visibly infuriated, he asked that the former President should conduct himself properly and avoid concluding on issues the way he had done.

Little Persons

In a carefully crafted response on social media platform Twitter, the former President told Ofosu Kwakye, whom he described as a ‘greedy neck’ and ‘a little person’, that his denial about the two mansions is not surprising “since after all more important people have denied bigger crimes and will continue to do same in future.”

He said little persons like him “are entitled to stand their ground flamboyant and aggressive talk. The law, nonetheless, will hopefully catch up with their greedy necks.”

Initial Attack

The former deputy communications minister, who is noted for his use of intemperate language against political opponents, stated that the former President should have called him for a discussion over the subject when he stumbled upon the information about the mansion purchased instead of drawing conclusion.

“…You cannot say you are an elderly person and yet when you are informed that someone has done something wrong, you won’t even investigate the matter thoroughly before commenting openly, accusing the person wrongly just like that….”

He fired again that “because he is an elderly person whose words are taken as the gospel truth, that is the reason why he should have been mindful of his utterances in order not to malign someone on the basis of allegation without proof and that is why Ghanaians ought to be disappointed,” he said.

According to Mr. Rawlings, a deputy minister who served in the erstwhile Mahama-led NDC administration, bought two mansions worth $3 million; each building cost $1.5 million from the property owner in Accra after the NDC lost the 2016 general elections.

Origins of Anger

During one of the commemorations of the June 4 uprising, the former President accused the former deputy information minister of buying two mansions after the NDC lost power in 2016, a charge which has bothered him so much.

According to Rawlings, “The property owner was very sad and he was very angry. Why do you think he was angry? Because he has sweated to build these houses to sell for profit and instead of the money to come into his account or being given a cheque, he was being given physical cash!”
“What that meant was that he had to spend the whole night counting the $1.5 million each times two, the $3 million. Do you get me?” he asked humorously.

More Fire

According to Kwakye Ofosu, “What he did (the allegations Rawlings put out) should have rather come from a young man so that he (Rawlings) can chastise and correct that person for drawing hasty conclusion based on an allegation and not the other way around … We must take note that we are doing politics and so we must be mindful of what we say; it does not mean that due to politics, we must fabricate stories against others because you are an elderly person.”

Coup Link

“After all, as a former President who has served this country for 19 years and even before the 19 years, he had attempted two coup d’états, and so for such a person, he should know the significance of investigating matters before action is taken because someone’s life is on the line…”
“Therefore, should someone even snitch on somebody, you have to investigate the matter before you comment on it. Like I earlier indicated, the allegation has no basis; it is not true,” he added.

Special Prosecutor

On the alleged appearance of his name on the list of the Special Prosecutor, he said there is no crime in purchasing mansions in the country.

“First of all, they have alleged that I have bought a mansion; even if I have bought a mansion, I have flouted no law because there is no law that stops anybody from buying a mansion but as I have said, I have not bought any mansion but they have my name penned down as having bought a mansion….”

“I am asking that didn’t Martin Amidu and his team know the person who bought that mansion before they put my name down? If they don’t have a confirmation from the person who made the allegation, why have they added my name to the list? So clearly, this is a huge joke which must be thrown out because it does not make sense; it is baseless and pure lies,” he added.



The visit formed part of his six-day working visit to the Oti, North East and the Savannah regions.

The visit which started from last Saturday took him to Daboya, Damongo, Sawla and Yapei.


While at Daboya, the President paid a courtesy call on the Paramount Chief of Wasipe, Mimuni Anyami Kabasagya II, and interacted with smock weavers at Daboya, who later presented him and the First Lady, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, with commemoratory smocks.

President Akufo-Addo also interacted with students of the Sawla Senior High School, where he was informed that since the Free SHS policy started, enrolment had steadily increased from 37 per cent in the 2017/2018 academic year to 39 per cent in the current 2018/2019 academic year.”

President Akufo-Addo also inspected construction works on a District Hospital at Sawla, which is expected to be completed soon.

Church service

On Sunday, the President climaxed his tour with a church service at the St. Anne’s Catholic Cathedral in Damongo, during which he urged residents of the Savannah Region to eschew chieftaincy disputes and live as one people, as the cost of conflicts had a devastating impact not only on the people of the region, but on the country as a whole.

The President admonished the congregation to join in the fight against illegal mining, popularly referred to as galamsey.

He said work on the Damongo Water Project would begin soon, as it was set to be discussed at the next Cabinet meeting.


President Akufo-Addo inaugurated a 1,000 tonne capacity warehouse at Yagba/Kubori in the Mamprugu/Moaduri District as his last assignment in the North East Region before he moved to the Savannah Region.

The project, which is under the government’s One-district, One-warehouse initiative, is to help reduce post-harvest losses in the area.

It is the first of its kind to be constructed in the new region and will improve on-farm practices such as handling and storage, which exposed farm produce to pests. It will also facilitate trade between small-scale farmers and wholesalers in major cities.

Mamprugu/ Moaduri is a major production zone for rice and maize with current production levels of between 4,000 and 5,000 tonnes per annum.

Agriculture transformation

Inaugurating the facility on the second day of his tour of the North East Region, President Akufo-Addo said the project was in line with the government’s resolve to transform the agriculture sector.

The President said the government would continue to support the farmers in the district with farm implements to enable them to increase food production and improve on their income levels.

President Akufo-Addo, who also inspected an irrigation project under the Planting for Food and Jobs programme, gave an assurance that he would do everything possible to support the project which was initiated by a foreign investor.


Addressing a durbar of chiefs and people at Yagba/Kubori, the President said he had taken notice of the numerous challenges the district faced, including the poor road network and inadequate health facilities and promised that he would facilitate the processes for them to be addressed, as a matter of urgency.

“I am going to sit down with the Minister of Health on Monday to discuss how we can, as a matter of urgency, address the health needs of the people.

We will address all your concerns but I cannot assure you that we will address everything at once.

We will prioritise them,” he said.


The Chief of Yagba, Gbinaba Alhaji Iddrisu Adjei, in a speech read on his behalf, commended the President for demonstrating commitment to providing the necessary development projects for the area.

He said the people of the district would remain indebted to President Akufo-Addo because of the number of promises he had fulfilled in what he described as such a short time.

lydia agyeiMay 20, 2019


The New Patriotic Party (NPP), has urged its newly elected executives for the new regions to work towards retaining the party in the 2020 general election.

The NPP’s National Youth Organizer, Sammy Awuku after swearing the new officers of the Ahafo Region into office commended the delegates for peaceful elections and urged them to work harder to consolidate the achievements of the party in the region.

“Voting went on smoothly and the aspirants conducted themselves. We had winners for the day but the biggest winner is the New Patriotic Party. For me as the National Organizer, I am excited because I think with the team that we have now, they should be able to help the NPP strengthen its roots.”

Members of the party in five of the regions namely Oti, Bono East, North East, Ahafo and Western North regions on Saturday went to the polls to elect their regional executives.

That of Savannah Region will be held on Monday, May 20.

Mr Fuseini Nurudeen, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nuru Oil Company Limited at the end of polls on Saturday was elected Regional Chairman of the NPP in the newly created North East Region.

The businessman got 49 votes to beat four other contestants to emerge the winner.

NPP delegates in the Oti Region also elected Evans Dapaah as their regional chairman.

He secured 80 votes, whilst Mr Steven Benyaseh Alewabah, his closest contender, polled 43 votes.

admin-mainMay 7, 2019


Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, has reiterated that former President John Dramani Mahama has no chance of leading the country again.

In an interview, the controversial prophet noted that the former President is wasting his financial resources in his bid to be President again.

According to him, John Mahama lacks good advisers  and has been surrounded by hypocrites.


admin-mainMay 6, 2019




The City of Los Angeles has renamed a 4-mile stretch of road from “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard,” in honor of the country’s first African-American president, stating the significance of the location which was the first city Obama had his campaign rally on February 20, 2007 at Rancho Cienega Park.

City Council President, Herb Wesson after the renaming on Saturday, tweeted that, every child who will drive down the street and sees the name of the first black President will serve as a physical reminder that no goal is out of reach and no dream is too big.

Wesson introduced the idea to rename the stretch of road back in 2017, but was approved last August which is exactly ten years after Obama made history by becoming the Democratic Party’s first African – American presidential nominee on August 28, 2008.The city voted for the name change.




ruben tettehMarch 11, 2019


Former Energy Minister, Hon. Boakye Agyarko has donated a cash amount of GH¢ 5,000.00 to Krobo Girls Senior High School in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Mr. Agyarko after the cash donation on Saturday March 9, 2019,  also pledged to further give the school a brand new Pick-up at the beginning of the next academic year in September, 2019.

According to the former Energy Minister, the gesture is to support the school’s administration to focus and deliver on their mandate

The donation was made during the Speech & Prize Giving Day and the 92nd Anniversary Celebration of Krobo Girls’ Senior High School at the school’s assembly hall

By: Ruben Tetteh

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