ruben tettehMay 20, 2019


Omy Television has signed a partnership deal with Women in Sports Association(WISA) to project the vision of rewarding well deserved women sports athletes in Ghana

The deal was singed by the Chief Executive Officer of OMY TV, Miss Joyce Aku Mensah and the Madam Gloria Commodore, Executive Director of WISA for OMY TV and WISA respectively.

Miss Joyce Aku Mensah who assumes the position as the new director for WISA said“ We will try our best and support WISA to the level that it deserves. As a young lady, it is my desire to see ladies venture into sports hence my interest in seeing to success of WISA”

Miss Aku also said  “ Our TV station is sports centred so we shall use our medium to project WISA by giving it the needed publicity and support WISA financially “

“I’ thank Madam Gloria Commodore for reposing confidence in me by handing over WISA to me for further successes”

The Executive Director of WISA, Madam Gloria Commodore also said
“I am glad to have a vibrant lady in the person of Madam Aku who will continue to promote WISA by helping me project the agenda of awarding female sports personalities”

WISA will be five years this year and will be awarding ladies who excelled last year.

This year’s  award ceremony is set to take place in the month of September

Keep watching OMY TV for further information about WISA AWARDS 2019.

rickyben anarfiApril 3, 2019


Participating in any type of organized sport can lead to the appearance of a series of health issues. Physical, as well as mental problems are common enough situations nowadays and they are usually connected with overtraining, changing in eating habits and the use of steroids and similar supplements.

Those situations can become really painful and if not treated properly they can cause chronic health issues and they can even lead to sports-related death. What are the most common health issues athletes develop?


– Injuries

Overtraining or excessive exercising can easily lead to a variety of injuries. Particularly in younger athletes, whose bones are still growing, an injury can be experienced more easily and more commonly. A concussion, usually develops after a serious blow to the head is a serious type of injury. It includes headaches, dizziness, slurred vision and speech and nausea. Another usual injury is the so-called hip flexor strain. Sprinting, running and general activities that include sudden movement of the hip can make this painful type of injury appear.


Shoulder injuries include a variety of body development problems, including dislocations, strains, sprains of ligaments and misalignment. All of these situations should not be taken lightly and should make athletes wonder about the effort they put into their daily exercises and how it should probably be reduced a bit.


– Heat illness and dehydration

High temperature and high humidity are the two main factors for this type of condition. Heat illness and dehydration, however innocent they may seem at first, are actually really severe situations that can lead to sports-related death or disabilities. Dizziness, confusion, cramps, fatigue and loss of consciousness are the most common symptoms an athlete will experience.


– Muscle pain

The muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments of the body are all structures that gradually react to the stress of exercising. If stress comes too quickly towards them, they may not be able to respond accordingly and they will most probably start to fail. If the effort is too much, the muscle will begin to swell and become painful at first. If it is not treated, it can even start to develop permanent damage. There is also, a severe condition where muscles become so damaged that proteins start to flow into the bloodstream and that can shut down the kidneys.


Another aspect of muscle pain that appears a bit delayed is the well-known delayed onset muscle soreness. According to, training each muscle two to three times per week can prevent athletes from developing that type of delayed soreness. However, athletes should not only increase training frequency from once a week to two or three times. It is also, important to keep the training volume in logical frames and not overdo it.


– Head and neck health issues

A variety of strains and sprains in the neck and head are usually observed in athletes. Spinal cord injuries and brain injuries can, also, make their appearance after a full training program. Abrupt movement or rotation of the head during a sports exercise can injure the head severely and it can even lead to the need for a long break from exercising


– Contusions

Contusions are a common enough situation among athletes, nowadays. Particularly in contact sports, athletes can easily develop bruises that most of the times disappear after a while on their own. However, in some cases, deep tissue contusions can occur that may keep the athlete away from sports for a couple of months to even years.


– Skin injuries

There is a variety of skin issues an athlete may suffer from during a sorting activity. Skin abrasion is a common situation that is developed when you fall on a surface, like grass, court or dirt. It appears mainly on the knee or the elbow and it can be really painful. The fortunate thing is that it usually heals on its own after a while. Eyebrows cuts, just under the eye are also, extremely usual among younger athletes. In sports, like boxing, soccer or basketball where contact is inevitable during the game, such an issue can easily occur. It is painful and it may require stitches.


– Running injuries

Running causes some injuries to sportsmen

Running causes some injuries to sportsmen

If you push yourself to exercise too hard, such a type of injury can easily appear. Most of us are familiar with the term ”runner’s knee”. It appears as a painful condition that deprives you from performing certain movements of your knee. Another problem is the so-called stress fracture. It is actually a small crack in a bone or two that causes extreme pain. Runners are mostly affected by this in the shin and feet. Shin pain it is also, a usual health issue that appears on the inside of the lower leg along the shin bone. The pain athletes experience when they suffer from a situation like that is spread out along the whole bone and it makes walking and even standing painful.


– Mental health issues

Apart from the body health issues mentioned above, athletes who train hard and particularly those who consume supplements and steroids to become more muscled, usually experience some health risks that are highly associated with them. Hair loss, delusions, paranoia, dizziness and even heart problems are highly observed in steroid users. The development of depression is also, more common in those athletes and it is something we should all be aware since it can lead to fatal situations.


Exercising is a really important aspect of our everyday life. From younger ages to older ones, athletes can suffer from a variety of body development problems if they are not careful. Overtraining and extreme effort, along with the consumption of common muscle growth supplements and lack of proper guidance can lead to painful and uncomfortable conditions. Those conditions are not only irritating and harmful for the body in the short run, but they can also, transform into long term or even permanent injuries that will affect the everyday life of the athlete and his activities, as well. For this reason, it is vital that when they appear, they take into serious consideration and are treated properly with the help and guidance of experts.

Nanaama sakyiwaaFebruary 22, 2019


Head coach Simon Middleton has made nine changes to his England Women side ahead of facing Wales on Sunday, live on Sky Sports Arena & Sky Sports Mix.

The Red Roses, who have won both their opening Tests comprehensively in this year’s Championship, beating Ireland Women 41-7 at Donnybrook and reigning Grand Slam champions France Women 41-26 in Doncaster, travel to Cardiff for Sunday’s Test.

Harlequins Ladies second row Abbie Scott will captain the side with Sarah Hunter named on the bench, while Harlequins centre and 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup winner Rachael Burford and Wasps winger Abby Dow both start, making their first appearances this Six Nations
After being rested against France, openside flanker Marlie Packer returns to the starting line-up alongside blindside Sarah Beckett, while Gloucester-Hartpury scrum-half Natasha Hunt, Saracens fly-half Zoe Harrison and Wasps hooker Amy Cokayne all make their maiden starts this year.

In two positional changes, Poppy Cleall will play at No 8 while Jess Breach moves to the left wing.


“While we were extremely pleased with our first half performance against France we were disappointed with our defensive efforts in the second half,” Middleton said on Friday. “Defensively, we were nowhere near the level that we want to be at or that we expect of ourselves.
“This disappointment has served as a great motivator for us going into this weekend’s fixture against Wales which we know will be a huge occasion.

“Wales will undoubtedly be buoyed by having gone from conceding over 50 points in their opening game against France to conceding only three against a strong Italian side. This, combined with our upcoming game being their first home fixture of this year’s Six Nations, will give Wales great confidence going into the weekend.”

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 12: Rachael Burford of England hands off the tackle of Emilee Cherry of Australia during the Marriott London Sevens – Day Two at Twickenham on May 12, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images)

The two sides last met in the 2018 Six Nations where England defeated Wales 52-0.

England Women: 15 Sarah McKenna, 14 Abby Dow, 13 Rachael Burford, 12 Zoe Harrison, 11 Jess Breach, 10 Katy Daley-Mclean, 9 Natasha Hunt; 1 Vickii Cornborough, 2 Amy Cokayne, 3 Sarah Bern, 4 Catherine O’Donnell, 5 Abbie Scott, 6 Sarah Beckett, 7 Marlie Packer, 8 Poppy Cleall.

Replacements: 16 Lark Davies, 17 Hannah Botterman, 18 Shaunagh Brown, 19 Jo Brown, 20 Sarah Hunter, 21 Claudia Macdonald, 22 Carys Williams, 23 Emily Scott.

cecil stanley tagoeFebruary 16, 2019



Ghana’s world kick boxing champion, Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai has been appointed Ghana’s Representative of the WBC Muay Thai.

The WBC Muay Thai in a letter signed by its Pol. Secretary, Chairman and Vice Chairman said from February 6, 2019, following the continued global expansion of the WBC Muay Thai activities, they are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai as an official WBC Muay Thai Representative for the country of Ghana.

Pol. Secretary, Kovid Bhakdibhumi thanked Mr. Nmai for his enthusiasm to promote WBC Muay Thai activities in Ghana, and said he is looking forward to offering the full support of the WBC Muay Thai head office in Bangkok as he and his team continue their endeavor to grow the sport in Ghana.

Meanwhile, plans are advanced in preparing to stage an international Muay Thai Championship at the Bukom Boxing Arena on March 9 and the organizers are holding a Press Conference at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday to create awareness and publicity on the bouts.

In another development, all the Ghanaian fighters on the bill have promised to defend the flag of Ghana in grand style, so they are calling on all fight fans to be at the Bukom Boxing Arena in March 9, 2019.


Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe

admin-mainFebruary 16, 2019


The regional badminton mixed team event has started in several regions of Ghana. The Greater Accra Justifier started on Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the Accra Sports Stadium. This year’s nationals will be hosted by the Accra team for the first time with hundred participants in all aiming for the national wins onto the African events in August.


In an interview with the Greater Accra Badminton Association Chairman, Ken Gbeve, he claimed being optimistic of them hosting to win this year at the finals in march, wishing the other regions luck and encouraging them to work hard.

Yeboah Evans, the National President of the Badminton Association also stated the improvement and growth of Badminton in Ghana with 6 % monthly membership increase. He also urged corporate bodies to keep supporting the disciple in all angles.


admin-mainFebruary 15, 2019


The  Ghana  Taekwondo  Federation  Referees  five days intensive course organized by  the International Olympic Committee (IOC) , to study new rules in the sports discipline has endee at the Korean Community Center.

The theme for the course was “Development Of National Sports System” and it started with revision of what has been taught since the beginning of the course and later ended with a practical examination to test them on what has been learnt so far.

Speaking to some coaches and referees they expressed the essence of Taekwondo in the Ghanaian community, the importance of the course and stability.

The participants had few ladies but was later made known most ladies are not really interested in being referees but rather take up other vacant positions in the discipline.


cecil stanley tagoeFebruary 7, 2019



The day of reckoning is here and the Pro Fighting Factory Promotions is bringing to Ghana the 1st International Muay Thai Kickboxing Championship at the Bukom Boxing Arena on the 9th of March,2019.

Ghanaian Muay Thai fighters will be facing some crack fighters from  countries such as Philippines, Malaysia , India , Nigeria, Turkey , Switzerland , Thailand, and other countries .

Ghana is fast becoming the hub of kickboxing and muay thai and with this we stand to make it count from the Arena of bouts thus the Bukom Boxing Arena. It will also serve as job openings for others to benefit from this.

The President and Promoter of the bouts Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai has said this is just the beginning of good things to hit Ghana and also has opened his doors for corporate bodies to partner him for more of such International Bouts.

Moving on Ghana has abundant talents in all the sporting disciplines and we must  make good use of all the facilities we have here in the country.

Speaking to yours truly about the bout , Lawrence Nyanyo Nmai a former SWAG Kick boxer of the year is happy with preparations of this bout and has opened his doors for more of such bouts in the near future .

Story by Cecil Stanley Nii Teiko Tagoe.


admin-mainFebruary 7, 2019


The 2019 EKF Cadet, Junior & Under 21 Championships will stream live and free on The upcoming stars of European Karate are meeting  in Aalborg (Denmark) from February 8 to 10 and fans can catch all the action of the expected event as it happens.

Almost 1,100  junior karate stars  from 51 countries will meet in Aalborg for the underage European crown.

Live streaming will commence on Friday, February 8 at 09:00 local time. The disqualifications and medal bouts will be streamed live to give fans a chance to watch the main moments of the competition. Supporters of the sport just have to register for free to have access to the live stream of the 2019 EKF Cadet, Junior & Under 21 Championships.




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