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Los Angeles Renames Street after Obama



The City of Los Angeles has renamed a 4-mile stretch of road from “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard,” in honor of the country’s first African-American president, stating the significance of the location which was the first city Obama had his campaign rally on February 20, 2007 at Rancho Cienega Park.

City Council President, Herb Wesson after the renaming on Saturday, tweeted that, every child who will drive down the street and sees the name of the first black President will serve as a physical reminder that no goal is out of reach and no dream is too big.

Wesson introduced the idea to rename the stretch of road back in 2017, but was approved last August which is exactly ten years after Obama made history by becoming the Democratic Party’s first African – American presidential nominee on August 28, 2008.The city voted for the name change.




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